Bucharest, Vulturilor Street, 18-18A


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We're renting office spaces

Bucharest, Vulturilor Str. ,18-18A

Rental offer

Space available for rent:

297 m² - floor 3

147 m² - floor 2

Office building, B+GF+4F, class A

10 €/m²  + TVA


3.5 €/m²  + TVA

Maintenance and upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep expenses of 3.5 € / m² + VAT (*) include:

Heating / air conditioning payment

Water consumption payment

Payment of electricity in common areas

Payment for cleaning in common areas

Security payment and fire / burglary surveillance and alarm system

Extra-cost utilities:

Electricity in the rented space

Telephony, Internet, Cable TV (**)

(*) This amount of expenditure is expressed in terms of the current prices of utility providers and will be updated accordingly, depending on the evolution of prices at utility providers.

(**) It is the tenant's responsibility to sign contracts with the respective service providers. Wired structure of voice and data is provided.

The building has its own GENERATOR GROUP, which automatically takes over the power supply of the entire building in case of accidental interruptions / voltage drops.