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About us

RSI Electro is a Romanian company, with fully private capital, established in 1994.        
The development of the company was based on the competence of the staff who benefit from both a good experience in industrial automation and a detailed knowledge of the Romanian market. The quality of our products and services has been a constant concern for us, which attaches great importance to the reliability of the designed systems, the choice of quality components, as well as collaboration with well-known companies in the field. The responsibility for "Total Quality Management" is situated within the area of expertise of each employee.

RSI Electro has implemented and currently maintains a Quality System that meets the requirements of the following standards:


RSI Electro benefits from partnerships with many high profile international companies:


H2S surveillance system, ROMAG Drobeta Turnu-Severin

Air quality monitoring in Bucharest

Participation in the implementation of the LIFE ROMAIR program in association with the National Environmental Protection Agency

Emission monitoring systems in major industrial objectives (PETROMIDIA, TRANSGAZ, AZOMUREȘ, OLTCHIM, DOLJCHIM s.a.)

Monitoring of waste incineration emissions

Collaborations with numerous international companies