111 boulevard ROBESPIERRE
BP 84513 -78304 Poissy Cedex, France

Group of industrial companies, manufacturer of analysis and measuring device of the environmental factors.
- Surveillance of air quality and the control of the industrial emissions, analysis equipments through physical methods
- Air quality control with sensors, amperometric method
- Gas emission measurement for the internal combustion engine
- Measuring the dusts in suspension's concentration in ambient air and in industrial emissions
- Software for surveillance of the quality of ambient air, management of the emissions – data acquisition and processing.

logo emsEnvironmental Monitoring Solutions Ltd
Address: 7 President Buildings
Savile Street East
Sheffield S4 7UQ, UK
Call +44 (0)114 272 2270

A range of award winning particulate monitors suitable for environmental monitoring and process control applications.

logo fives baselineFives Pillard
13 rue Raymond Teissère - 13272 Marseille Cedex 08
Phone: +33 (0)4 91 80 90 21
 Fax: +33 (0)4 91 25 72 71

High performance combustion process solutions, burners, control instrument & process and services.
High-efficiency equipment, ultimate technologies and solutions in terms of energy consumption, polluting emission and improved production and quality.

Technopole de château – Gombert
22 – 26 rue John Mainard Keynes
13013 Marseille – France

Conceveing and manufacturing of the oxygen analyzers for combustion and processes control.


Venecoweg  19, B – 9810 Nazareth – BELGIA


Expert in on-line analysis technology in processes from petrochemical industry, oil, chlor – alkali and in the sector of waste waters, treatment plants.
Conceives and carries out analysis systems in TURN KEY DELIVERY regime, for industry and utilities, ensures engineering depending on the industry's requests, granting stable operational conditions and/or in conformity with the exigencies in security ( Ex area).

eX S.P 161 Dosso, 9, 20090
Settala Premenngo (Milano) – ITALIA

Develops, produces and delivers a high quality and complete range of meteorological monitoring systems of the environment.
LSI LASTEM equipments are very easy adapted to any kind of application, it ensures the accuracy and the measurements precision.
The activity domain includes a range of sensors, data acquisition systems, software and accessories for installing.


Bally Industrial Estate Galway – IRELAND

Specialized in projecting, developing, manufacturing the monitoring systems of the toxic – explosive gases detection.



415 avenue du Garlaban
ZA Plaine de Jouques
13240 Gemenos –FRANCE

Leader in security system domain for the high risk SEVESO areas, nuclear , etc.
It proposes a multitude of solutions, from a punctual detection to integrated systems with thousands of captors with multipost and multiprofile supervision.
As an intervention domain we mention: consultancy, projecting, delivery, manufacturing, starting, maintenance .


6 allée Alan Turing – Parc Technologique de La Pardieu
CS 60242 – 63178 Aubière Cedex - FRACE

Expert in studying the ATMOSPHERIC DISPERSION of the pollutants, forecasts regarding the AIR QUALITY, the study of METEOROLOGICAL EVENTS.
It evaluates the IMPACT of the industrial emissions, road or urban, conceives and develops OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS for making decisions.


8 Sagem Défense Sécurité
Sagem- Arcs de Seine – 18/20 quai du Point du Jour - 92659
Boulogne- Billancourt Cedex – France

HIGH TECH company of the SAFRAN group, leader in OPTO-ELECTRONICS, AVIONICS, ELECTRONICS and SOFTWARE in civil or military reasons.
No. 1 in Europe and no.3 worldwide regarding INERTIAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM, leader in the navigation control of the helicopters and in opto-electronics and tactics of the UAV systems.
Technology for the "soldier of the future".

E9LNO Societe Nouvelle
43 rue Michel Carré
95100 Argenteuil – FRANCE

Specialized in the conceiving, the production and delivery of the audio systems and electro-acoustics, technologies for DEVICES, SECURITY, TRANSPORT, AERONAUTICS, INDUSTRY.

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